Senior Software Engineer


  • Design and develop high-performance, encryption-based software
  • Work with Product Managers/Product Owners to understand requirements and translate them into features and capabilities
  • Collaborate with our Senior Architect and Senior Developer to determine the best technical product that meets established technical guidelines and best practices
  • Make technical decisions that will improve the codebase while minimizing risk
  • Identify and fix bugs
  • Minimize and eliminate performance bottlenecks
  • Be a helpful and supportive presence on the team, contribute to code reviews and maintenance code, keeping it simple and efficient, and helping to mature other team processes


  • 7+ years of work experience as a software developer
  • Must have strong and diverse programming skills (C/C++ is preferred; however, we also consider C#, JavaScript, Java, HTML5, Objective-C, and Swift)
  • Experience using Flutter (the cross development platform) is a major plus
  • Must have a deep understanding of multi-threading, concurrency, and parallel processing technologies
  • Deep understanding of distributed systems and overcoming scalability challenges
  • Experience designing APIs for libraries and/or frameworks (REST, RPC)
  • Must understand engineering best practices such as appropriate testing paradigms, effective designs, code reviews, and resilient architecture
  • The ability to thrive in a fast-paced, test-driven, and collaborative programming environment
  • The skills to meet your commitments on time and produce high-quality software that is unit tested, code reviewed, and checked in regularly for continuous integration
  • Willingness to learn and grow professionally in a new team environment
  • Ability to take ownership and responsibility for projects and tasks

Nice to Have

  • Hands-on work experience using the Qt Cross-Platform environment (a major plus)
  • Ability to develop concurrent algorithms
  • Good handle on test-driven development best practices
  • Security Clearance is a major plus