Cipherloc is the simple, effective and secure way to protect data and reduce risk while enhancing team productivity. Built with the user in mind, Cipherloc makes encryption accessible and available. Unlock quantum-ready security.

Simplify Data Security

Data is everything. In it lies the unknown secrets of today and the groundbreaking innovations that will shape tomorrow. Information in the wrong hands, however, can have catastrophic consequences. Cipherloc is creating technology that not only secures your data but makes it easier than ever to do so.

Made Easy

Cipherloc is a first-of-its-kind solution that gives organizations the power to control who can access your information today, while being completely ready for the post-quantum computing era. By adding additional layers of protection and providing the agility to quickly adapt to the unknown, Cipherloc is redefining how the world thinks about securing communications.

Starting with Security

At our core, Cipherloc is a security company. We know how important your information is. That is why we use the latest techniques in encryption to make our solution both easy and secure.

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